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Meller Flow Trans association with the LPG industry stems almost fifty years.

Our range of Blackmer cargo pumps are standard fitment for the majority of major fleets and widely accepted as the best LPG pump available on the market. For pump drive we have a large range of Power Take Off units, including remote activated clutch PTO’s. If hydraulic drive is your preference we can supply complete systems including hydraulic cooler units, speed control/diverter valves and all necessary controls.

Our range of LPG meters includes the 4D-MT positive displacement unit from Neptune and our state of the art pressure differential systems, Flowcom 2000 & Flowcom 3000. The Neptune 4D-MT is a 2” mechanical meter combining Air Release unit and Differential Valve, it can be mounted with either a mechanical register or the industry preferred EMH500 digital register. The Flowcom meter systems contain no moving parts and hence incur no wear and require no maintenance. Suitable for both LPG and cryogenic gases, they carry full European MID (weights & measures) approvals and are quite probably the most advanced LPG meters available today.

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Blackmer TXDI

Meller introduce the new Blackmer TXDI series cargo pump. Designed for general petroleum and aviation fuel applications, the TXDI is manufactured from ductile iron with FKM elastomers. In-line suction and discharge ports make the pump particularly easy to install. The TXDI, along with our close coupled hydraulic drive motor, is ATEX compliant. Blackmer TXDI Data Sheet

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AdBlue pumps & meters

Meller Flow Trans has a complete range of product discharge equipment to meet the needs of AdBlue hauliers. We offer two sizes of stainless steel cargo pump for either hosereel or bulk deliveries, the Blackmer STX1220A or STX3.   Metering is taken care of by a choice of two systems. Our European ‘weights & measures’ (MID) approved system […]

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