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In conjunction with Mouvex and Hydrocar, Meller Flow Trans introduces the revolutionary MH range of powder blowers to the UK market, starting with the MH6.

As truck chassis space becomes more of a premium, the MH screw compressor solves all issues by direct coupling to the truck gearbox. Gone are the requirements for heavy brackets and conventional drive mechanisms. Weighing only 46kg, MH6 is capable of 600m3/hr air flow and 2.5Bar pressure, perfect for cement, fly ash, lime and flour etc. MH6 is a ‘plug & play’ product, reducing conventional installation time, and hence costs, by up to 60%. See product information below for more details.

If ‘conventional’ screw compressors are preferred, our range of bare-shaft or complete packaged machines are available. All typical drive configurations are catered for, direct prop-shaft, belt drive or hydraulic, depending on your requirements or the configuration of your vehicle.

All compressors can be installed at our Bradford based workshops and include all necessary ancillaries including silencer, filter, air cooler (as required), check-relief valve and torque limiter etc.

Please see catalogue and data sheet downloads below.

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