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Blackmer TXDI

Meller introduce the new Blackmer TXDI series cargo pump. Designed for general petroleum and aviation fuel applications, the TXDI is manufactured from ductile iron with FKM elastomers. In-line suction and discharge ports make the pump particularly easy to install. The TXDI, along with our close coupled hydraulic drive motor, is ATEX compliant. Blackmer TXDI Data Sheet

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AdBlue pumps & meters

Meller Flow Trans has a complete range of product discharge equipment to meet the needs of AdBlue hauliers. We offer two sizes of stainless steel cargo pump for either hosereel or bulk deliveries, the Blackmer STX1220A or STX3.   Metering is taken care of by a choice of two systems. Our European ‘weights & measures’ (MID) approved system […]

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Euro 6 & MH Blowers

The advent of Euro 6 legislation for commercial vehicles brings many changes. From the perspective of product discharge equipment, the most obvious change is lack of available space. Our MH6 powder blower fits directly to the vehicle gearbox, eliminating the need for expansive drive systems such as prop-shafts, belts or hydraulics. Installed system weight is significantly reduced, […]

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E106 exchange compressor – £640.00!

Compressor need a new lease of life? Bring us your vehicle with old working E106 compressor and we will supply and fit a fully refurbished unit, complete with twelve months warranty, for £640.00! The exchange unit is fully refurbished by our technicians and will include all new blades, bearings and seals etc. Your existing unit will be removed from your […]

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STX1220 Stainless Steel Pump

Meller Flow Trans have recently introduced the new Blackmer STX1220A to our product range, complementing the existing industry favourite, the STX3. Where the STX3 is typically used for bulk discharge of aggressive chemicals, solvents and AdBlue, the STX1220A is a 2″ pump aimed at the IBC and hosereel delivery sector. Producing product flowrates to 330 Lpm, the […]

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Blackmer TXH35A high-speed trailer pump

The TXH35A is the newest member of Blackmer’s family of vane pumps designed to handle petroleum products such as diesel, fuel oil, kerosene, avgas, jet fuel, biodiesel ethanol, bio fuel blends and lube oils. The TXH35A is a truck mounted 3-inch ported pump that can run at 1000 rpm and deliver up to 1100 Lpm of […]

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Flowcom 3000 introduced for LNG & cryogenic metering.

After the success of Flowcom 2000, our differential pressure metering system for LPG, AdBlue and Aerosol Propellants, Flowcom 3000 has arrived!

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